Stable surfaces for pipes and components of all kinds with prisms and supports from Siegmund.

Working with pipes

Prisms create stable support surfaces for pipes of all kinds. Each prism is supplied with a screwed-in collar that enables it to be attached to the system boreholes.
The collar can simply be unscrewed for free positioning, regardless of the hole grid.
Each prism is available in the version aluminum (stainless steel processing) and polyamide (aluminum and stainless steel processing).

Extend and balance

Supports can be used as extensions for prisms or other components such as clamps or to compensate for height differences.

Article info:

The aluminium prism Ø 80 without collar is suitable for pipes with a diameter of up to 120 mm. The prism creates a stable surface especially for round pipes and can be used for all 16 mm boreholes.

Polyamid Prisms are used for scratch-prone surfaces.

The Prism Extension can be mounted into all prisms quickly and safely.
Due to the thread, the Prism Extension can be bolted to other extensions or attached to a custom construction.