Clamping system 28

Clamping systems from Siegmund Work impress with high stability and add-ons that can be expanded as required.
The System 28 is available in different variants to meet your requirements for different heavy constructions.
Our accessories allow easy clamping and precise welding of any project.

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System 28 is particularly suitable for heavy applications.
The system is available in the EcoAvanti and Siegmund Work versions. These differ mainly in the material thickness of the tables.

For both EcoAvanti and Siegmund Work tables, there are various accessories such as bolts, clamps, stops, squares or already assembled sets.
When selecting our tables, you can also choose the size of the table top and the table legs in different versions.

Siegmund Work and EcoAvanti accessories are compatible within the systems using spacer rings .

Our System 28 welding tables differ in size and material thickness from smaller systems such as System 22 and System 16.
In addition, our System 28 work tables are delivered with a 100x100 mm grid.

Wood can be processed on our work tables. By clamping the wood products, you finish your projects with dimensional accuracy.
With the help of Siegmund Work accessories, even bulky or irregularly shaped wood can be clamped without any problems.
It is important to note that abrasive particles such as sand, dirt or sawdust can rub between the wood and the steel surface, damaging the surface of the table. Moisture or liquids from the wood (e.g. tree resin) can cause rust or corrosion.
Therefore, it is important to maintain and regularly clean the surface of the work table when working intensively and continuously with wood.

In general:
Harder woods such as oak, maple, beech or walnut are generally more suitable than softer woods such as pine or spruce, as they are more resistant to scratches and dents.
In addition, the wood should be well dried and stabilized to avoid deformation during processing. Wood with a high moisture content can deform under pressure and lead to uneven results.