Siegmund Work

With the work tables from Siegmund Work, your individual projects can be implemented with high precision and unique efficiency.

The tables are available in the versions Basic and Premium. Both versions are also available in different sizes, which optimally adapt to your needs.
Depending on your requirements, you can also order three different table legs.

Siegmund Work Basic
Siegmund Work Basic

Material: Steel S355J2+N
Material thickness: approx. 15 mm
+ Chamfers on boreholes and table edges

Siegmund Work Premium - plasma nitrided
Siegmund Work Premium - plasma nitrided

Material: Steel S355J2+N
Material thickness: approx. 15 mm
+ scale on table surface
+ Radii on boreholes and table edges
+ Plasma nitriding for more surface hardness
and significantly less corrosion + less welding spatter adhesion

  • The basic requirement for high hardness and long life span is the material we use.
  • The high basic hardness allows a high impact resistance and a long service life of the welding table. The basic hardness of our Basic tables made of high quality S355J2+N steel is about 165 - 220 Vickers.
  • The plasma nitriding and subsequent BAR-coating protect against scratches, corrosion and welding spatter. Due to this surface treatment, the surface hardness of our plasma nitrided tables increases to 450-750 Vickers compared to tables without plasma nitriding.
  • DSiegmund Work's plasma nitrided tables promise higher impact and scratch resistance, as well as significantly better protection against weld spatter.
  • The special surface treatment provides greater corrosion resistance than Basic tables, which means the evenness of the plasma-nitrided table is maintained longer, even after heavy use.
  • The life span of Siegmund Work's plasma-nitrided tables is 5-10 years longer than tables without plasma nitriding.

Different table legs are offered for all tables, so that your welding table can be optimally adapted to your needs. Depending on the size of the welding table, four or six legs are required.

The table legs in the standard equipment are already included in the price and offer a stable stand for your table with a load capacity of 2,000kg per leg.
The legs are fine adjustable up to 50mm and have a total length of 650mm.

For better mobility of your welding table, we offer table legs with caster and locking brake with a load capacity of 800kg per caster.
Each leg is height adjustable by twisting the spacer plate 20mm (fine adjustment), is equipped with a reinforced spindle and has a total length of 650mm.

In order to use your welding table even more variably at different working heights, we offer height-adjustable table legs.
These are adjustable in the range of 450-700mm. The load capacity of 2,000kg per leg is maintained at any height.
A second locking bolt provides more stability. The leg can be fine adjusted up to 50mm.