Innovative solutions for clamping and fixing workpieces on Siegmund welding tables.

Different sizes and styles

Siegmund Work offers suitable clamping elements for every project with different clamps. Choose from different sizes, styles and handles.

Simple and fast handling

With a few simple steps you can position the Siegmund clamps in the borehole grid and clamp the workpieces.

Article info:

The Basic Pipe Clamp enables precise and powerful clamping of components at a 90° angle relative to the system boreholes. The clamp can be smoothly rotated by 360°, therefore allowing free positioning.
To integrate the vertical pipe into the system boreholes, an adjusting ring is used.

The Pipe Clamp Universal with swiveling arbor enables flexible clamping at a + / - 45 degree angle. This Pipe Clamp combines the advantages of conventional 45° or 90° clamps.
It can be used at an angle as well as straight, resulting in additional clamping options and a more variable clamping range.
The horizontal round tube with a length of 200mm is fully adjustable and creates, combined with the swiveling arbor, a variable clamping range. The length of the vertical pipe is 250mm.
To integrate the vertical pipe into the system boreholes, an adjusting ring is used. As a standard feature, the Round Pipe Clamp Universal is equipped with a 135mm threaded arbor.


An adjusting ring that can be easily adjusted is used to fix your components. This allows the pipe clamp a powerful and accurate clamping of your components.

Siegmund offers two different types of pipe clamps as part of System 28.
Our Pipe Clamp Universal is available with a swiveling spindle, which is adjustable in a angle of + / - 45°. It thus combines the advantages of 45° and 90° screw clamps.
Our Basic Pipe Clamp can be rotated continuously through 360° and can be positioned freely.

Our screw clamps can be easily inserted into the existing holes of your table. Depending on the choice of clamp, free positioning is possible.