Versatile clamping options along with easy handling with the Siegmund stops.

Different sizes and styles

Whether confined space or positioning on large components - choose from a variety of lengths. Almost all of our tools are nitrided to provide more wear-free, corrosion-resistant and durable surfaces.

Simple and fast handling

The combination of system bores and elongated holes offers you a wide range of fixed and variable clamping options. For precise positioning, many of our tools are equipped with fine scaling. For adjusting on welding tables or on other stops and squares we recommend our quick clamping bolts.

Rounded corners and edges

The radii on corners and edges give the accessories good edge protection. This reduces damage to the components or other Siegmund accessories during assembly and reduces the risk of injury and damage during internal and external transport.

Article info:

The Universal Stop 150 L enables a precise adjustment range of 0-100 mm for every element through the elongated hole.

The Universal Stop 225 L can be firmly fastened or variably adjusted by combining the elongated hole (0-100 mm adjustable range) and system boreholes. In addition, it can be used with prisms and adapters.

  • Standard with fine scaling on both sides

The eccentric stop is perfectly suited for the infinite adjustment of elements by simply twisting them, with minimum space requirements.

  • for ground connection