With the right table maintenance you can guaranteed a long service life of your welding table.

With the cleaning products from Siegmund Work, your work table is cleaned in a few minutes and prevents the formation of rust.

Protection against weld spatter adhesion on the work table:

  • Anti-Spatter should be applied primarily using an aerosol can prior to welding
  • The Anti-Spatter is equally effective in damp and dried conditions
  • welding spatters can be simply wiped off after welding
  • Anti-Spatter can also be used on welding elements (e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized parts) except on wood

Cleaning of the work table:

  • The Clean Welding Table Cleaner is a very strong cleaner
  • The work table should be cleaned after each welding process
  • It is well suited to remove grease, oil or similar grime
  • It diffuses through the plastic container, possibly reducing the volume

To maintain the evenness of your work table and accessories:

  • the oilstone is used to remove damages or welding spatters
  • perfect for maintenance and equalization of unevenness on the table surface

Cleaning of bores of the work table:

  • Use the brush for removing grime in boreholes effortlessly

Taking good care of your welding table can increase its service life. In addition, our maintenance products not only protect against rust, but also remove foreign particles such as welding spatter, allowing you to maintain a precise work surface.

Siegmund maintenance products can be applied to all of our steel, stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized products to provide the best protection against corrosion and dirt after the welding process.

The maintenance products are for daily use and should be applied after using the table to ensure a precise work surface.