Flexible three dimensional working with Siegmund Work squares.

Different sizes and styles

Choose from a wide range of shapes, variants and sizes. Almost all tools are nitrided and provide corrosion resistant, wear free long lasting surfaces.

Easy working in three dimensions

Whether as a stop for components or as a table extension – the Siegmund clamping squares open up the world of three-dimensional clamping.
Many tools also have scales to enable accurate positioning. For adjusting on welding tables or on other stops and squares we recommend our quick clamping bolts.

Rounded corners and edges

The radii on corners and edges give the accessories good edge protection. This reduces damage to the components or other Siegmund accessories during assembly and reduces the risk of injury and damage during internal and external transport.

Upper surface

The upper surface can be used for fastening further accessories (squares, stops, prims, …) or as bearing surface for components.

Front side

The front side of the square is a stable clamping surface with a variety of options. In combination with stops and squares with elongated holes the height can be adjusted flexibly.


Thanks to the elongated holes on the undersurface the square can be positioned accurately to the millimeter on the table or as table extension on the table side panel.

Fine scaling

Many tools also have scales to enable accurate positioning.

Stop side

The wide stop side serves as an additional clamping surface, for example when extending a table.